SacredEarth. Not just a name but a mission to make our sacred planet, our beautiful home a better place to live in. SacredEarth is a collective effort, however small, towards living a life free of harmful toxins, chemicals and artificial elements which are hazardous to our planet’s atmosphere, soil cover, waterways and oceans. We at SacredEarth believe we can make a difference by offering pure, natural and effective lifestyle products which are good for the consumer and safe for the earth.

The lifestyle we all have gotten accustomed to comes at a cost to the environment. In our quest to reduce this cost, we at SacredEarth have sought out age-old, holistic, natural remedies, which most of us have heard from our Grandmas, which are not only environment-friendly but also nature-sensitive and sustainable.

Sarv Tech Pvt. Ltd. is a one-stop destination for healthcare, Personal care and Home care products under the brand name SacredEarth based on the Pure herbal plant extracts and natural ingredients. We never compromise with their quality, and this is what separates us from our competitors.


Our Mission

We at Sacred Earth are passionate about being the change ourselves and about inspiring everyone else to be the change towards turning to earth-friendly, sustainable lifestyle solutions that help reduce the carbon-footprint and contain at least some of the damage to Mother Earth. We believe we can make a start by merging technology with tradition and by reviving age-old herbal, natural, Ayurvedic practices and home remedies which are highly effective, environmentally viable and consumer friendly..

“To make our beloved, sacred earth a better, cleaner and healthier place to live in for ourselves and for our future generations.”