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Why Choose Natural Kitchen Cleaner over Toxic Cleaners

Kitchen is the heart of your home but its cleaning has become a task. Now you can either choose a chemical based cleaner or a natural kitchen cleaner. Instead of stuck between a nasty, untidy and toxic wasteland, I think you should prefer a natural kitchen cleaner which will make your kitchen sparkling clean and […]

Some major benefits of natural Fabric wash liquid

Best fabric wash Liquid

Natural and herbal products are really making a hold on people whether it is personal care products, baby care or cleaning department. Natural fabric wash liquid isn’t a new product now. The main advantage of using such products is that they are safe for environment and contains no harmful chemicals. Regular laundry detergents can cause […]

Funneling ‘Eternal Beauty’ with SacredEarth Haldi and Chandan Face pack

Daily exposure to sun, dust pollutants, long working hours, procrastinating in removing makeup and carelessness in drinking water, all these factors tend to reduce the natural glow of your skin. This also tends to increase pigmentation, blemishes, acne-breakdown and makes skin uneven. SacredEarth presents herbal face pack with Haldi and Chandan which helps in returning […]