SacredEarth Natural floor wash liquid- A perfect choice to swipe away stains

Natural floor wash liquid

Cleaning has become a task for people because of their hectic routine. Then what’s better than a natural floor cleaner which makes this cleaning process fast as well as environment appropriate! The high amount of dust pollutants are present in air, so eventually they make their way to enter into home. People wants to adapt clean and healthy lifestyle, they want clean house but don’t have any time at all. In this scenario, SacredEarth natural floor wash liquid is very handy. It is plant based and eco-friendly formula which is alternative to other synthetic detergents loaded with toxic chemicals. It makes floor sparkling clean and disinfected. Its natural ingredients helps in making floor germ-free and odor-free. It has low-foaming and low-chemical footprint formula.

This natural floor wash is made up with soapnut, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Citronella, Vetiver, and Pine. All these natural products has number of advantages. Soapnut is a natural dirt buster. Aloe Vera has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Eucalyptus quickly removes tough dirt and stains and leaves fresh fragrance. Tea tree extract acts as a detoxifier. It sanitizes floor and prevents any kind of infection. Citronella is an insect repellant. Pine cleanses floor naturally and adds classic alpine scent to it. It is environment friendly, hard on stains, germs and bugs while gentle on hands. It helps to maintain hygiene while being non-toxic. All these properties in this floor wash makes it completely safe for children.

There are many disadvantages of using standard products available in the market. They differ from natural products in terms of biodegradability, safety, ingredients and their impact on body. These products generally use toxic ingredients like ammonia, methyl chloride, nonoxynols and more. The situation becomes worse when some of the companies doesn’t disclose the ingredients present in the products.  In case, you have pets and children in the house, you need to pay special attention while using these products. Moreover they have very strong unpleasant scent. All these reasons makes natural products a better choice.

Here is the list of advantages of using natural floor wash liquid:

  • Kills germs and bacteria while making floor sparkling clean.
  • Hard on stains while gentle on hands.
  • Makes hands soft while cleaning.
  • Has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Completely safe for children.
  • Doesn’t cause any kind of irritation or allergy.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Makes floor odor-free and disinfected.
  • Keeps the air you breathe clean.
  • Leaves a calming aroma.

SacredEarth natural floor wash is a perfect choice for cleaning on the daily basis. It doesn’t cause any kind of irritation or allergy. It doesn’t contain any artificial additives, colors or enzymes. Still its natural ingredients leaves a very calming and soothing aroma in the environment. This floor wash is very simple to use. Add 30 ml of product to 1/2 bucket of water. Mix well. Mop floor as usual. There are certain points that need to take care of. Store it away from children. And it is for external use only.

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